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Israel is a culinary capital; Don't miss out on its many tastes.

Get a closer look, and of course a taste, when you visit date farms, olive presses, dairies, wineries and more. Not to mention, the renowned selection of restaurants and cafes.

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Innovation - the start-up nation creates ideas in technology, agriculture, water use, environmental technologies, medicine, and much more.
Community-building as part of the DNA

As they have for millenium, the people of Israel are busy building communities; inside and outside of cities - in the mountains, in the desert.  What makes them tick?

Within a few hours, you can drive from expansive desertscapes to snow-capped mountaintops.

At a major geographical crossroads, one can find within the boundaries of Israel an astonishingly large variety of flora, fauna and landscapes.  From the stark Negev desert to the forested mountains of the Galilee; from the white chalk-hewn caves of the lowlands to colorful igneous peaks of Eilat.

Coming on a vacation or business trip? You may want to get into shape, not out of it. 

Exercise can be incorporated into any schedule: swimming, hiking, cycling, tennis, rock climbing, windsurfing....or just an amiable amble along a city street or a mountain stream.

Fostering curiosity, play, critical thinking and having FUN

Israel is a children-based society, and with a little extra thought, you can be sure to plan the ideal tour for any age, taking advantage of the outdoor and creative activities available.

The circumstances of necessity,  government support, entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to think out of the box have created a petrie dish for ideas, research and groundbreaking start-ups. Come learn how that happened and visit showcases of those acheivements. 

History comes alive in front of you, surfing from the most ancient to recent events.

Israel - once the bottleneck of the ancient world; and today a magnet drawing media and international attention. How did this come about? 

From ancient cultures to cutting edge cinema, music and dance at your fingertips.

See the fascinating architecture from the monumental remains of the ancient world and classical culture to the modernist treasures of today. Israel's film, music and dance scene reflect a wide range of origins;  performed regularly in every city - look for the performance or festival nearest you.

A magnet for pilgrims and spiritual sojourners - the stories these rocks tell have shaped the identity of billions of people around the world.

Layers of religions and religious identity accompany any visitor to Israel. From the ancient shrines and sites, synagogues, mosques and churches to the lively street scene where religious affiliation can be worn as a badge. Follow topographically the stories of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, and walk in the footsteps of the many traditions that followed.

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