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Israel has it all. If you are coming for a relaxing vacation, a family event, a religious journey, a business venture, a study experience or any combination thereof





Israel has the energy to empower people: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually.
From these stones arose prophets, kings, queens, messiahs, the flowerings of religions and the clashes of empires. Though small in size, Israel has a prodigious history and a plethora of landscapes; offering a range of sites and activities to entice any tourist. 
I am a licensed tour guide.
If you are looking for a single-day or multi-week tour, I can help you plan your itinerary, arrange for a vehicle; and guide you for all or some of your visit to Israel.  Ensuring a smooth start, you can begin your tour with insights into the fabric of this fascinating country, and continue, knowing that your itinerary is sound and secure.
Enjoy a tour tailored to your particular needs and interests
- every tour must be very different. And luckily Israel affords opportunities to create varied and quite unique tours.
and me: Born and bred in the US, I've lived, worked, travelled and raised a family in Israel for over thirty-five years. I have degrees from Hebrew University and Rutgers University, focusing on history, geography, religion and ethnicity. I have always been an avid observer of Israel - of its remarkable vibrance and energy; its dizzying contradictions, its evolution and maturity
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